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February 2012 Monthly Meeting.

February monthly meeting will be a fun day at the Balandra Beach House of Mrs. Savitri Mohammed "Sea Grapes" on Sunday February 26th 2012
.The house is located in Rampanalagas in Balandra on the Toco Main Road approx. 18 ½ mile post, opposite the Community Centre and Basketball Court.
Approx 1 mile from Balandra Bay you will pass an open playing field, or (the sea side)
Description of house
The property has a large Almond tree and two (2) swings facing the roadside. The building has a concrete wall on the road side, a wooden structure on the upstairs and a concrete structure on the downstairs.
Members are required to bring along their lunch, drinking water, ice and any other refreshments they require.

Spring Orchid Show 2012

The Spring Orchid Show will take place at the San Fernando Technical Institute San Fernando, on Saturday May 12th and Sunday May 13th 2012. The Chairperson for this show is Mr. Curtis Lutchman and Co-Chairperson is Mr. Addis Nail Baig. The Society is looking for volunteers for the Show Committee. Members wishing to serve on the Show Committee can contact Curtis Lutchman or Addis Baig.

Monthly Show Table

There will be no show table at the family day in Balandra..

Student Judging Programme.

This is a reminder to all interested members of the Society who have expressed an interest in the new student judging program, that March 18th 2012 is the closing date for submission of applications.

Library Corner

We encourage members to utilize the facilities of the library in getting to know the world of orchids. Please ensure the safekeeping of the books you borrow and avoid delinquency.


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