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January 2012 Monthly Meeting.

This meeting will be held on Sunday January 15th 2012 at the St. Xavier's Primary School in St. Joseph. To get there you go along the Eastern Main Road to St. Joseph, turn into St. Joseph Road at the traffic lights at the Eastern Credit Union La Joya Complex and take a right turn at the St. Joseph's Catholic Church then a left turn onto a short intersection and then a right turn that leads into the premises of St. Xavier's Primary School.

Here is a link to a youtube documentary on Aripo Savannas produced for the Aripo Savannas Stakeholders Management Committee by the EMA.
I noted Mr McMillan's name was misspelled but we had no input into the editing. I am hoping it can be corrected. Three more programs are planned. This is an example of the input of TTOS members into conservation projects.

Youtube documentary on Aripo Savannas

Feel free to share and to link to the video on your respective website, facebook pages and on twitter.

Monthly Show Table

This meeting will feature the usual show table, so do bring along your flowering orchids.

Monthly Plant Raffle

There will be a raffle of an Orchid plant. The price is two (2) chances for $5.00.

Student Judging Programme.

Many members have expressed an interest in joining the new Student Judging Programme. Interested members are advised that the closing date for submission of applications for the Student Judging Programme is March 18th 2012

Cultural Tips.

This time of the year we are still having rains, though at a moderate level, good humidity, shorter days and much cooler temperatures. It's a time when some of our plants are inclined towards more intermediate climatic conditions would choose to initiate blooming and we need to be observant in order to get the best blooms from these plants.
Watch out for chewing insects and treat accordingly, control fungal diseases. Support plants and stake flower spikes to obtain best results. Feeding with a little blossom booster will be of benefit at this time too.
Some of the orchids referred to here are:Calanthes, Phaius, Cymbidiums,Dendrobiums mainly of the Nobile type, Erias, Cattleyas, Paphiopedilums,Oncidiums and Phalaenopsis.
Continue routine maintenance for the upcoming spring flowering period, so that you can experience a burst of flowers for the March to June period.


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