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March 2019 Monthly Meeting

This month's meeting will be on March 17, 2019 at the home of Management Committee Member Anthony Navarro, at 205 Mamoral Main Road, Mamoral, immediately across the road from the Mamoral RC Primary School.

Directions to Mamoral
- At Chaguanas, from Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway take the Southern Main Road from Chaguanas east to Montrose
- then continue on Caparo Valley Brasso Road through Longdenville to Caparo
- at Caparo keep left to Mamoral.
- Anthony's home is 205 Mamoral Main Road opposite Mamoral RC Primary School.

The AGM will be reconvened to accept the 2018 Audited Accounts, the March Meeting will then continue with a presentation on growth of terrestrial orchids, cymbidiums, paphiopedeliums and phiocalanthes. There will be a Show Table and a plant raffle.

Please note collection of cut orchid flowers to exhibit at the Barbados Orchid Society 80th Show will be done on Thursday, March 28th at 47 Rosalino Street, Port of Spain. All donations will most welcome. A group of 7 TTOS Members plan to attend.

The Society wishes to thank the Pointe a Pierre Wildfowl Trust for hosting the February Monthly Meeting. Members attending thoroughly enjoyed the visit and the educational exhibits.


Anhinga looking for fish.

A male peacock doing a mating dance for an unimpressed peahen

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