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VENUE: The Paramount Building, Sunday, November 21st at 10. AM, (OWTU) San Fernando.

More information will be provided as soon as available.

The TTOS Annual Show was very successfull with many exhibits including those of visitors from Venezuela, Barbados, Jamaica and the USA.

Results of the October Show included 6 American Orchid Society Awards and the Award of the AOS Show Trophy, see below.


AOS Awards TTOS Show October 1, 2004

  1. Ascda Louis Hatos “Not Hatos' Cross” HCC/AOS 78 pts Martin Motes.

  2. Vanda Erika Cizek Dann “Look Homeward Angel ” HCC/AOS 79 pts. Martin Motes.

  3. Kagawara Boon Rubb “Joan Hampton” AM/AOS 80 pts Joan Hampton.

  4. Miltassia Dark Star “Darth Vader” AM 80 Arthur Chin Fatt.

  5. Catasetum roseo-album “Curtis’s revival” (CHM/AOS) 82 pending identification Curtis Lutchman

  6. Kollensteinia kelleriana “Colleen Hopkinson” CHM 82 pending identification Carlyle McMillan.


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