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October 2012


As time draws near, plans for our show are well underway. For the second time the show is being held at the National Academy of performing Arts "Hotel Lobby" Frederick Street, Port of Spain. On Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th October 2012 the show will be opened to the public from 9,00am to 6.30 pm on both days.

Invitation has been sent to the American Orchid Society for Judges to judge the exhibits; however the Show Committee is still awaiting their response.
* Entries will be judged by TTOS Judges .
* TTOS Judges will award ribbons and cash prizes as follows:

  • 1st prize $50.00.

  • 2nd prize $30.00

  • 3rd. prize $20.00.

There will be a Trophy to what the Judges consider to be the best Exhibit/display in the Show. All members are requested to support the show by displaying and exhibiting their plants and blooms
There will be table top exhibits as well as floor displays.
Members may wish to display their orchids as single plant entries, or as part of a display.
There are also prizes for Flower Arrangements in the following categories:

(1) Orchid Arrangements
(2) Arrangements of orchids & locally grown cut flowers
(3) Arrangements of orchids and imported cut flowers
(4) Orchid Corsages

The full Schedule Classification list will be used at the Show, Judging will commence at 9.00am on Friday 12th October 2012, and all TTOS judges and student judges are expected to attend or advise C. McMillan (638 1207) in the event they cannot attend.
During the judging section, only the relevant personnel will be allowed in the hall this includes TTOS Judges, TTOS Student judges and clerks.

Publicity October 2012 Show.
The show committee has organized publicity for our show to be advertised in the media on television stations and on face book.

Show entry and Tickets
The show committee is appealing to all members to sell as many tickets as they can in order for our show to be a success. Tickets can be purchased in and around San Fernando from Gopaul Chackan phone # 657-5682, H.S.T.T on Lady Chancellor Road and Diane Huggins @632-8147 also from members of the Management committee.
Cost of advanced tickets is $20.00 while entry at the door is $25.00.
Only financial members for the year 2012/2013 will be admitted free of charge to the show.

Official Gala Opening
.The official opening of the show "Orchids A Tribute to the Nation" will take place on Friday 12th October 2012 at 6.30 pm at the National Academy of Performing Arts "Hotel Lobby" Frederick Street, Port of Spain
Tickets for the official opening on Friday 12th October 2012 are limited, so we encourage you to purchase your tickets which are priced at $100.00 each. Dress code for this event is elegantly casual.

Tea Tickets
Tea tickets will be on sale on both days of the show priced at $30.00

Registration / Set up
Entries for the show will be received on Thursday 11th October 2012 from 9.00am to 9.00pm because of the time schedule for the show set up; the Show Committee would like all entries to be received before 9.00pm
Members entering plants for the Show must ensure that their plants are properly labeled and the writing must be in BLOCK LETTERS, this is to ensure that the officers at the registration desk will be able to identify the plant; any plant without a label will not be eligible for judging but can be used for display only.

Box office tickets. (Both days)
Volunteers are required for the sale of tickets at the door for both days; members wishing to assist can contact Alicia Tom @ 633-4195.

Information Booth
Volunteers for the Information booth for both days can contact Gully Sirju @ 657-5682

Vending October 2012 Show.
Vendors should contact Christopher Watson@622-9145 or Oral Roberts @637-3464 to firm up details. Cost of tables is as follows: one (1) table $800.00, two (2) tables $1,500.00, three (3) tables $2,000.00

Show Committee

Show Chairperson: Gopaul Chackan Advertising/Publicity:Anis Baig /Joan Hampton
Treasurer:Gervais de Matas Judging/Registration:Carlyle Mc Millan. & Student Judges.
Vending:Christopher Watson & Oral Roberts A.O.S. Judges:Anthony Tang Kai.
Secretary/Hospitality:Diane Huggins Information Booth: Golly Sirju & Savitri Mohammed
Design/Set:Anthony Tang Kai &Antonio De Gannes Brochure:Sandy Gibson Kevin Ragbir
Plant Crèche: Stephen Al Box Office: Alicia Tom

TTOS-Show poster

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