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September 2010 Monthly Meeting

The monthly meeting will be held on Sunday, September 19th 2010 at 10.00 am at the home of Sharon Ramjit-Mohammed.
Directions to the venue: Members coming from the north will take the Freeport turnoff. Turn right, go under the flyover, pass in front the Freeport Police Station. Continue to St Mary's Junction Traffic Lights (gas station in the front and Church on the left).Turn left. You are now on the Southern Main Road, drive for five (5) minutes you will pass the Ship Building and Rudranath Capildeo Learning Resource Center (LRC) to the next Traffic Light. (At this light there is a large sign Infinity Electrical & Plumbing). Turn Left. You are now facing east proceed for one mile (4 minutes). Pass the S corner until you see a large red white and green house on the left, followed by a pink flat house. Opposite the Flats is the street (Verdant Vale Avenue).Sharon's house is the cream and blue one (# 11).

Members coming from the South:
Take the Freeport turnoff. Turn left to pass in front of the Police Station and continue as above.
If you are having difficulties call 685-6087 or 763-1776, also look for TTOS Meeting Signs placed along the way.

Monthly Show table

There will be the usual monthly show table, so do bring along your flowering orchids.

Monthly Plant Raffle

There will be a raffle of an Orchid Plant at the meeting.

New Members.

We take pleasure in welcoming two new members to the Society
Davanand and Sakina Deonarine Pole # 9 Seecharan Street, Tacarigua
As members, you will now be constantly exposed to the world of orchids, learning about their culture, how to display and exhibit orchids and gaining in-depth knowledge by accessing reading material from our well stocked library.

Cultural Topic

(1) Arching Vandaceous Orchids

Vandaceous orchids such as those in the genera (Rhynchostylis and Aerides) sometimes produce inflorescences that are hidden in the foliage. This can be remedied by gently wedging a short piece of bamboo stake between the leaves and the inflorescence to force the flowers to present outside the foliage.

(2) Primping a Vanda
Vandas present better if the flowers are gently "flattened". This is best done after the flowers have been open a day, Vandas, especially, need copious amounts of water as buds are developing to plump up the flowers. Water twice a day during the dry season.


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