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September 2013 Monthly Meeting.

This meeting will be held on Sunday September 22nd. 2013 at 10.00 am at the National Academy of Performing Arts Frederick Street, Port of Spain, 3rd floor room # 308.
This meeting is being hosted at the same venue where the staging of the Annual Orchid Show will be held.
Monthly Plant Raffle

There will be a raffle of an Orchid Plant the price is two (2) chances for $5.00

Monthly Show Table

There will be the usual monthly show table so do bring along your flowering orchids for judging.

Annual Orchid Show 2013

The Society's 56th Annual Orchid Show titled "AN ORCHID GARDEN" will take place on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October 2013 at the National Academy of Performing Arts Frederick Street, Port of Spain
The Show is open to the public on both days from 9.00am to 6.30pm.
This year the Show is sanctioned by the American Orchid Society and there will be A.O.S. Judges to judge the exhibits. All members are encouraged to support the Show by displaying and exhibiting their plants and blooms, kindly advise the Show /Set Designer Anthony Tang Kai of your space requirements.
The Show Chairperson Joan Hampton and her team are in the process of finalizing the plans for the Show.
Members wishing to assist in any area should contact Joan Hampton @745-8456 or Diane Huggins @ 632-8147.


Registration of plants will take place on Thursday October 3rd 2013 from 9.00am to 5.00 pm. Members entering plants for the Show must ensure that their plants are properly labelled and the writing must be in Block Letters this is to ensure that the officers at the registration desk will be able to identify the plant; any plant without a label will not be entered for judging but can be used for display only.
Please note you are also required to prepare a legible list of the plants you are entering to include the plant name and where practical, the parentage.
This list should be grouped according to genus e.g. Cattleya, Dendrobium, Vanda etc. This will allow for easy and quick registration and also for you to keep your own record of the plants you have entered. All plants will be required to be brought to the registration desk for verification to ensure entry in accordance with the Show Schedule and to avoid errors of registration that could lead to invalidation of entries for judging.
Plants without a name can be entered into the Show for display purposes only and will not be judged.


The American Orchid Society judges along with the Trinidad & Tobago Orchid Society judges will commence judging on Friday 4th October 2013 at 8.30 am. During the judging, only the relevant personnel will be allowed in the hall this includes AOS judges, TTOS judges, TTOS Student judges and clerks.
There are also prizes for flower arrangements in the following categories:
(1) Orchid Arrangements
(2) Orchid & Local grown cut flowers
(3) Orchid and imported cut flowers.
(4) Corsages.

Show Entry and tickets

.Members are requested to take advance show entry tickets to sell which are priced at $25.00 while entry at the door is $30.00
These tickets can be obtained from the Treasurer Gervais de Matas.
Members who will be taking advance tickets to sell for the October 2013 show will be required to settle all outstanding ticket sales to the Treasurer by November 30th 2013.
Only financial members for the year 2013/2014 will be admitted free of charge to the show.

Gala Opening

The Show will be opened with a gala opening ceremony on Friday 4th October 2013 at 6.30 pm at the Show Hall. Tickets for this event are priced at $100.00 each and can be obtained from members of the Show Committee.
The event will give patrons first view of the Show in a wonderful setting while being served with select food and refreshments.
The dress code for the event is elegantly casual.

Tea Tickets

Tea tickets will be on sale on both days of the show these are priced at $30.00

Vending October 2013 Show

Vendors should contact Christopher Watson @ 622-9145 or Oral Roberts @637-3464 to firm up details.
All vendors are required to attend the monthly meeting on Sunday September 22nd 2013 to finalize the following:
(1) To sign contracts
(2) Payment for their vending table/tables
(3) Payment for the twenty (20) tickets which is mandatory upon signing the contract.

Assistance at the upcoming Show

Once again the Show chairperson is appealing to members to come forward to give their support and assistance at this show. Members can contact Joan Hampton @ 745-8456 and Diane Huggins @ 632-8147.




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