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September Monthly Meeting Notice.

This month's meeting will be held on Sunday September 21st 2008 at 10.00 a.m. at the Pointe a Pierre Wild fowl trust.

Members coming from the north will turn off the Solomon Hochoy Highway at the Gasparillo turn off and proceed right to Pointe a Pierre, Members coming from the South can access from the Southern Main Road., there will be signs indicating the entrance to Wild fowl trust. At the entrance gate you must show your membership badge to the guard for entry.
Members who do not have their badge will have to pay $10.00 entrance fee.
Members are requested to bring any native species plants that they have in their possession for the Society to put on the trees. Example of some native species---Onc. luridum, Onc lanceanum, Onc papilio, Maxallaria rufescens, Epi. ciliare, Diacrium bicornutum (Virgin Orchid), Epi cristatum ,Epi fragrans, Brassia caudata, Brassia Lawrenceana, Rodriguezia secunda.
Members are advised to wear tracking clothing and shoes.
Members are also requested to bring picnic basket with additional food and drinks as well.
This meeting will feature the monthly plant table, and a talk from Phillip Macintyre on local conservation and native species.

The Chairman and members of the Show Committee will advise on preparation for the upcoming Orchid Show which will be held on October 18th and 19th 2008 at the St. Johns Ambulance Brigade Hall in St. James.
The theme for this show will be "Orchids - "To colour your life".
Members are reminded to start preparing their plants for the show.
Members are allowed free entrance to our October Show, once they display their Membership badges (2008/2009) at the door. Members who do not have their current badges will have to pay the entrance fee.

Our Society takes great pleasure in congratulating Joan Wilson President of the Horticultural Society of Trinidad and Tobago on receiving the Humming Bird Medal Gold at this year's annual National awards.

Cultural Topic
We are now in the height of the rainy season when our plants are subjected to heavy rain downpours. Care must be taken to avoid the onset of plant diseases and attacks from pests. Routine inspections are required to detect trouble and to take corrective action. Plants should be well drained. Ensure growing media is in good condition and do not hesitate to repot if necessary. Some plants may need to be brought under cover to avoid crown rot and in some cases tissue and root rot. Insects are prevalent at this time so do look out for those harmful ones and take appropriate control measures. Select the right insecticide and fungicide for control and take personal protective measures during its use. There are environmentally friendly products on the market many of which are derived from plants and very safe to use.

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